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Dr. Steve Harmon, Chair of the ISAT Committee

FY2014 Unit Coordinators

Dept / Fund Coordinator Email Phone
Institutional Mandates James Amann 404-413-4445
IS&T James Amann 404-413-4445
College of Arts and Sciences Tina Brown 404-413- 5051
Robinson College of Business Terry Decker 404-413-7090
College of Education Brenden Calandra 404-413-8420
Nursing Earl Hudson 404-413-1097
College of Law Terrance Manion 404-413-9108
Law Library Austin Williams 404-413-9162
Library Krista Graham 404-413-2752
Policy Studies Jeff Pruett 404-413-0008
School of Public Health Scott Weaver
Shaochieh Ou
Honors College Karen Simmons 404-413-5574
ISAT (Admin groups) Steve Harmon 404-413-8064
Innovation Fund Queen Marrero 404-413-2541

  1. Facilitates college/unit specific internal processes for full proposal and budget submissions.
  2. Coordinates any college/unit-specific internal processes for developing project budgets with IS&T and Facilities.
  3. Facilitates college/unit-specific internal processes for awarding proposals based on unit budget per fiscal year (Budgets will be provided by Tech Fee Chairperson).
  4. Facilitates college/unit-specific Dean or VP ranking of all proposals and awards.
  5. Serves as the single point of contact within the specified college or administrative unit for Tech Fee Q&A and serves as liaison between the unit and the Tech Fee Chair and/or Project Manager for the following..
    • Access and permissions to the Tech Fee web-based tool
    • Budget allocations.
    • Tech Fee guidelines and deadlines.
  6. Facilitates any and all unique internal deadlines. For example, your college or administrative unit may decide to enforce internal deadlines in order for the unit to meet overall Student Technology Fee deadlines (i.e. Status Reports, Budgets, Dean Rankings, etc.).