Shibboleth Federated Login

Shibboleth federated login enables students, faculty and staff at Georgia State University to conveniently access resources at trusted partner organizations, using their CampusID and password. It can also allow users from outside institutions to securely access university resources. If you support an application that requires authentication, Shibboleth may simplify your support and administration tasks, as well as offer enhanced security and ease-of-use for system users.

Shibboleth provides:

  • Access to a Variety of Partner Resources
    At Georgia State, applications using Shibboleth can accept credentials from member organizations in the InCommon Federation.
  • Secure Role Verification
    Identity information can be provided to InCommon partners to verify that the person signing in: is affiliated with Georgia State; is a student, faculty member, or staff; or other attributes required for access, without the third-party application having to validate the username and password. Access to Georgia State resources can be similarly controlled for our InCommon partners.
  • Single Sign-On
    With single sign-on, it’s possible for users to sign in to multiple Shibboleth-enabled applications at once, using their CampusID and password. User role information is stored in their session so that they can visit several applications without logging in again. Users log out by closing their browser to end their session.

Shibboleth is free, open-source, standards-based software that supports web applications written in any language.

Example Services

These are external services that Georgia State students, faculty and staff can log into using Shibboleth:


InCommon Federation Membership: Enabling Cross-Organizational Collaboration for Researchers