About Tech Fee

Georgia State University implemented a Student Technology Fee (Tech Fee) in the fall of 2000. This fee was approved for all University System of Georgia institutions, including Georgia State. The Student Technology Fee for enrolled Georgia State University students consists of $85 per student per semester for fall and spring semesters and up to $57 per student for summer semester (based on hours enrolled for summer). For students enrolled at Perimeter College the fee consists of $50 per semester. To ensure adequate student input on initiatives selected for funding, 50 percent of the STFS is comprised of student participants. The role of Chairman defaults to the Chair of the ISAT committee.


Technology fee revenues are used for the direct benefit of students to assist in meeting the educational objectives of their academic programs. Also, fee revenues can be used for hardware and network related expenditures that include support of general purpose or special purpose laboratories used by students. Thus, the Student Technology Fee is a positive way to improve technology accessibility for the benefit of Georgia State students.